Columbia University Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders Externship- Rebecca Elias

Name: Rebecca Elias

Role: Doctoral Student

Program: Psychology

Meeting: Columbia University Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders Externship (2015)

I received a VT BEST Travel Award to attend a summer long clinical externship at Columbia University Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders in New York, NY.  As part of this clinical externship, I gained expertise in treating emerging adults with anxiety disorders by maintaining a heavy clinical caseload and contributing to a novel research protocol.  As part of my clinical caseload, I attended weekly supervision with medical professionals, saw individual patients, and lead group intervention.  As part of my research duties, I helped with the creation of a new evidence-based intervention for transitioning young adults with an anxiety disorder.

I worked with a collaborative team of Clinical Psychologists, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, and medical center administrators who served patients in the broad New York City area.  I was fortunate to gain intimate experience about the inner workings of a major medical center, Columbia University Medical Center/NY Presbyterian Hospital, by attending Child Psychiatry resident lectures, clinical grand rounds, and weekly didactic training from respected and accomplished mentors in the field.

I learned a great deal professionally and personally.  Professionally, I was mentored by a wonderful team who taught me invaluable skills about being a skilled clinician, medical professional, and researcher.  I also attended specialized training sessions by renowned faculty which was invaluable to my professional goals.  Personally, I got to treat diverse patients in a region much different than Blacksburg/Roanoke.  I also got to experience a different professional setting, helping me understand the many professional options available post-graduate school.

I am extremely grateful for the VT BEST Travel Award, as it granted me the opportunity to attend a truly wonderful summer-long training opportunity.