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  • TEACH members network and share innovative ideas at the 2018 CIDER Conference (From left: Dr. Helena Carvalho, Rita McCandless, Mariah Rudd, Dr. Shari Whicker, and Dr. Shireen Hafez.
 The photos above showcase TEACH member involvement in this years
10th Annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy.
The conference focused on higher education teaching excellence and the scholarship of teaching and learning.
Below are links to poster presentations and session PowerPoints presented by TEACH members

Posters at CIDER 2018

Using Video-Guided Training as a Faculty Development Tool for Creating a Shared Mental Model of Safety for Resident Assessment: A Pilot Study

Claudia Kroker-Bode MD PhD1, Shari Whicker EdDMEd1, Mariah Rudd BS1, Erick Greene MFA2, David MusickPhD1, William Leland MD3
Virginia Tech CarilionSchool of Medicine1, East Carolina University2, The Brody School of Medicine3

Development of an Interprofessional Scholarship Advisory Group (iSAG)

Mariah Rudd BS1, Shari Whicker EdD1, Helena Carvalho PhD2
Office of Continuing Professional Development1, Department of Basic Science Education2
Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

Using Micro Learning in Teaching Technology

Shari Whicker EdD, Mariah Rudd BS, David Halpin PhD, Rita McCandless MLS, Allen Blackwood MD
Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

Stressors and Coping Mechanisms of Medical Students

Tracey Criss MD, Mariah Rudd BS, Brock Mutcheson PhD, David Musick PhD,
Elizabeth Pline LMSW, Aubrey Knight MD
Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

Presentation PowerPoint Presented at CIDER 2018

Learning Theory Redux:  Putting Theory into Practice

Emily Holt, MA, Shari Whicker, EdD, G. Dodd Denton, MD, Mariah Rudd, BS, Chad DeMott, MD


April 2018 – June 2018 Academic Scholarly Activities

State, Regional and National Faculty Presentations:

  • Binks, A., & LeClair, R. (2018, June 11). Enhancing student preparation through the generation of effective pre-class materials. [Workshop Facilitator] Presented at the International Association of Medical Science Educators, International Association of Medical Science Educators, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Gates, R., Musick, D. W., Bogue, R., Carter, K., Greenawald, M. H., & Penwell-Waines, L. M. (2018, June 10). How Emotional Exhaustion, Cynicism, and Personal Accomplishment Impact Perceptions of Well-Being. [Oral Presentation] Presented at the IAMSE Annual Meeting, International Association of Medical Science Educators, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Greenawald, M. H. (2018, May 14). Feedback: ensuring the success of everyone. [Oral Presentation] Presented at the Academy of Family Physicians Chief Resident Leadership Development Program, Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Misicko, N. E. (2018, May 11). Recruitment: best practices. [Oral Presentation] Presented at the Annual Regional Graduate Medical Education Program Manager Workshop, Roanoke. VA.
  • Epling, J., Sweet, M. G., & Perkins, K. E. (2018, May 8). Reinvigorating Journal Club. [Breakfast Discussion Topic] Presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, Washington, DC.
  • Chen, E. H. (2018, April 21). Educational innovations – speed dating: QI curricular changes, quality metrics, and faculty wellness. [Oral Presentation] Presented at the I3 Value Collaborative Learning Session 4, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • Unwin, B. K., Kam-Magruder, J. R., Ledford, C. J.W., & Bryce, C. (2018, May 5). Palliative Care Education in the Family Medicine Clerkship and Future Directions: A CERA Study. [Oral Presentation] Presented at the 2018 Annual STFM Spring Conference, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, Washington, D.C.
  • Arulraja, E., Dallas, A. P., Musick, D. W., Whicker, S. A., Wells, L., & Vanblaricom, K. (2018, April 26). Assessment of a Continuing Medical Education Intervention Designed to Change Physician Practice Regarding Blood Transfusion. [Oral Presentation] Presented at the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education, San Antonio, TX.
  • Lara-Torre, E. (2018, April). The DO’s and DON’Ts for Your Case List…Be Prepared to Shine! [Lecture] Presented at the ACOG Annual Meeting, Austin, TX.
  • Kees, D. W. (2018, May 10). Whats New in the World of ACGME Requirements? [Lecture] Presented at the Regional GME Coordinator Workshop, Carilion Clinic GME, Roanoke, VA.

Faculty Publications:

  • Kennedy, L., & Parker, S. (2018, April). Timing of coping instruction presentation for real-time acute stress management: Potential implications for improved surgical performance. Journal of healthcare informatics research.
  • Nagler, A., Ovitsh, R., Dumenco, L., Whicker, S. A., Engle, D., & Goodell, K. (2018, April). Full Title: Communities of Practice in Peer Review: Outlining a Group Review Process. Academic Medicine.
  • Park, J. L. (2018, April). Teaching the concepts of quality improvement for challenging patient populations. American Journal of Medical Quality. doi: 10.1177/1062860618769384.

 Faculty Abstracts and Posters:

  • LeClair, R., Mutcheson, B., Carvalho, H., Holt, E., & Binks, A. (2018, April 10). Testing is Teaching: Preliminary Results. [Poster] Presented at the Carilion Research Day, Carilion Clinic, JCHS, VTCSOM, Roanoke, VA.
  • Criss, T. W., Rudd, M., Harrington, D. P., Musick, D. W., Mutcheson, B., & Knight, A. L. (2018, April 10). Stressors and coping mechanisms of medical students. [Poster] Presented at the 2018 Carilion Clinic Research Day, Roanoke, VA.
  • Whicker, S. A., Rudd, M., & Parker, S. (2018, April 10). Fostering the Development of Health Professions Education Scholars through Collaborative Learning & Practice. [Poster] Presented at the 2018 Carilion Clinic Research Day, Roanoke, VA.
  • Vari, R. C., Rudd, M., Johnson, C. A., Johnson, B. E., Pearo, L., & Conklin, C. E. (2018, April 10). Reconnecting the Mouth to Medical Education. [Poster] Presented at the 2018 Carilion Clinic Research Day, Roanoke, VA.
  • Epling, J., Misicko, N. E., Perkins, K. E., & Sweet, M. G. (2018, May 1). Tiered board prep program improves in-training exam scores. [Poster] Presented at the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Annual Spring Conference, Washington, District of Columbia.
  • Rudd, M., Blackwood, R. A., Halpin, D., McCandless, M. J., & Whicker, S. A. (2018, April 10). Applying a Micro Learning Concept to Enhance Faculty’s Teaching Technology Skills. [Poster] Presented at the 2018 Carilion Clinic Resesarch Day, Roanoke, VA.
  • Rudd, M., Kroker-Bode, C. A., Whicker, S. A., Leland, W., & Greene, E. (2018, April 10). Video-Guided Training as a Faculty Development Tool for a Shared Mental Model. [Poster] Presented at the 2018 Carilion Clinic Resesarch Day, Roanoke, VA.

TEACH Perks!

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This quarter the TEACH member who attended the most OCPD or TEACH sessions is Dr. Erica Reynolds! Dr. Reynolds will be awarded with  Java-the-Hut gift cards.  So if you are looking for stimulating faculty development and the opportunity to win an extra caffeine boost, join us for as many 2018 TEACH sessions as you can!

Thank you Dr. Reynolds for your support!

Winners Claim Your Books!

Congratulations to Dr. Kye Kim and Dr. Judy Cusumano for being selected as this month’s book drawing winners! Winners were randomly selected from those in attendance at our last TEACH session. Remember to join us for upcoming TEACH events for your opportunity to win a future TEACH drawing.

*Winners, please make sure to pick up your copies of “Make it Stick” at our next TEACH session or email teach@carilionclinic.org to organize a different pick up or delivery method.


TEACH Faculty Highlight:  Dr. David Brajdic

This month I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Dr. David Brajdic for our faculty highlight piece. Dr. Brajdic can frequently be spotted at TEACH and OCPD faculty development offerings both to enhance his own professional development and to share what he learns with his faculty. Dr. Brajdic also takes advantage of the on-demand faculty development opportunity for his own dentistry residency faculty. Dr. Brajdic, a consummate professional and devoted educator, attended dental school at University of Pittsburgh and then went on to complete his dental residency at the National Naval Dental School. Before taking on the role of Program Director for the Dental General Practice residency program at Carilion Clinic, Dr. Brajdic served in education leadership roles at the Naval Dental Center as well as working at his own local practice.

The dental residency program at Carilion Clinic is relatively young (began in 2011) and Dr. Brajdic is only the second to helm the Program Director seat. Dr. Brajdic first became interested in teaching as a co-director for the dental residency at the National Naval Dental School where he enjoyed working with young providers. After moving into private practice, Dr. Brajdic took on a role as adjunct faculty to supervise rotations with VCU students and other learners at the Bradley Clinic. These experiences drove his desire to take on the role of residency program director at Carilion when approached with the opportunity by Dr. Bud Conklin. Dr. Brajdic’s passion for teaching grew as he recognized the vast knowledge and experience he was able to pass on to new learners. He recognized the immense impact that several mentors had on his career and wanted to leverage this opportunity to give back to learners in the same way.

Dr. Brajdic has seen many learners who are not prepared for practice after dental school. “Dental residency gives individuals the opportunity to ease into practice and the time needed to master their skills,” shares Dr. Brajdic highlighting the importance of the dental residency experience. Leaving dental school, learners “don’t really know what they don’t know” and residency gives them the opportunity to ask these questions of a faculty mentor. The markedly greater opportunity for hands on experience within an interprofessional healthcare team treating a culturally diverse and medically complex patient population leads to robust learning opportunities for dental residents. When asked about his philosophy on teaching, Dr. Brajdic shared that it is important “for each resident to know why they’re doing [what they do] and be able to communicate this effectively with patients and faculty.” In order to guide residents to identify what they don’t know, Dr. Brajdic dedicates time to teaching residents 1:1 and emphasizes the importance of feedback.

Dr. Brajdic’s vast knowledge and experience, 15 years of private practice and 13 years active duty Navy dentistry, make him a great resource and a true benefit to his program. Dr. Brajdic has served a pivotal role in the growth and expansion of Carilion’s dental residency program. He was critical in the attainment of a HRSA grant that helped to expand facilities in order to attract quality learners. As a testament to the success of the program, Dr. Brajdic has recently hired an alumnus to join the dental residency as a faculty member. “Patience and the ability to effectively communicate so that learning and mentoring can happen effectively” are the words of advice that Dr. Brajdic will likely share with the newest addition to his stellar faculty.