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  • Dr. Shari Whicker, Associate Director Faculty Development and Director of TEACH Academy presenting a poster at Carilion Clinic Research Day-April/2016.

TEACH Member Faculty Highlight

picture1Dr. Carvalho, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Science, is the Block Director for Blocks II and VI at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. Dr. Carvalho joined VTCSOM in September 2011 and in the same year received the 2011 Young Investigator Award from the Teaching Section of the American Physiological Society (APS). Dr. Carvahlo shared that her passion and interest for teaching started early during her time in undergrad. She began teaching physiology in the academic setting after receiving her doctorate, allowing her to fulfill her desire to teach physiology to students who will apply this much needed discipline during their medical school careers. Dr. Carvahlo’s favorite things about teaching are the reaction from students when they understand complex material, interacting with students, and creating new and efficient ways to help students learn. Her enthusiasm and excitement for education is evident in her teaching philosophy. “It is all about the receptor. A physiological response doesn’t happen without the proper receptor being activated even with hormones/substances being released. The same is true for teaching: it is NOT about the content but about engaging/stimulating students.” says Dr. Carvalho.

Dr. Carvalho first became interested in education research when she joined the faculty at VTCSOM and developed a curiosity aboutf active learning. When she began teaching while completing her Masters program in Brazil she relied on traditional lecture methods. After coming to VTCSOM, Dr. Carvahlo discovered students in her Physiology course did not remember the cellular biology material she had taught them just one year earlier. After overcoming her initial feelings of failure, she began to scour the teaching literature. She quickly realized she was not alone in her struggle and that there were alternative teaching methods available that may help. “I’ll never forget my happiness when I realized I wasn’t alone,” she mused.

With renewed confidence, Dr. Carvalho now seeks to actively engage in education scholarship as it relates to the implementation and impact of active learning. At an institution with growing interest in scholarship, Dr. Carvahlo has encouraged the development of a TEACH Education Scholarship Productivity (ESP) support group to promote education scholarship and bring together a group of individuals with complementary talents and skills that support the scholarly ambitions of the collective group. “I am really excited with the possibility to meet more colleagues with similar ‘mind’ for education,” Dr. Carvahlo notes, “so many times I have felt discouraged to explore ideas and try to publish them, maybe with ESP we can help each other and transform for better the way we teach and help our students.”

 TEACH Member David Musick’s AAMC CIIC Comentary Article

The latest AAMC Curriculum Inventory in Context (CIIC) commentary article is written by OCPDs very own Dr. David Musick! CIIC reports are generated from Curriculum Inventory data and authored by a contributor from an AAMC member medical school. In this edition, “Attendance (Participation) as a form of Assessment: What Do We Know and Does it Matter?”, Dr. Musick looks at the question: do US medical schools mandate attendance and, if so, how do schools assess it? The article provides insight into the issue of student participation, addresses the question of how it might impact student learning in medical school and outlines some of Dr. Musick’s own perspectives on mandated attendance/participation.  Click here to review the article.

TEACH Member Winners of Dr. Jeffrey Wiese’s book: “Teaching in the Hospital”

TEACH members who attended September’s Dean’s Forum “It’s Not What You Think, It’s How You Think” with Dr. Jeffrey Wiese were entered into a drawing to win a copy of Dr. Wiese’s book “Teaching in the Hospital.” This book, a part of the ACP Teaching Medical Series, is a practical resource for medical educators and offers “goals of inpatient teaching and practical advice for hospitals and attendings who teach on the wards.”  And the winners are…

Corey Heitz, MD
Helena Carvalho, PhD
Joanne Greenawald, MD
Daniel Lollar, MD
Shawn Safford, MD
Stephanie Pratola, PhD

Thank you, your presence helped to make this event a great success and your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and fun.  Contact Sandra Dehart at sflong@carilionclinic.org or 540-581-0317 to make delivery arrangements of your book!

TEACH Member Scholarly Activity for July – September 2016


  • Christian D. Neal – Community Faculty of the Year, Carilion Clinic General Psychiatry Residency Training Program (2016)
  • Chad Demott – Academic Teaching Award, ACP Virginia Chapter (2016)


  • Education Day (October 13, 2016) Poster Display Listing click here.

  • Self-Ratings of Interprofessionalism Knowledge and Performance Before and After Simulation-Based Education (David M. Musick, David B. Trinkle, Tracey W. Criss, Misty Flinchum, Julie Morris, Ashley Bossard) Medical Students’ Virginia State Simulation Alliance Annual Meeting, Fredericksburg, VA, August 3, 2016.

  • Collaborating to Transform Nursing Care through Practice (Jeannie S. Garber, Carolyn Webster, Lisa Allison-Jones, Rebecca C. Clark) Nurse Faculty/ Nurse Executive Summit, Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Self-Reported Gains in Knowledge and Performance by Newly Hired Nurses Completing a Simulation-Based Education (SBE) Workshop on Fundamentals of Clinical Care (David M. Musick, Julie Morris, Misty Flinchum, Amanda Anderson, Susan Blankenship, Susan Perry, Ashley Bossard) Virginia State Simulation Alliance Annual Meeting, Fredericksburg, VA, August 3, 2016.


  • Welfare, L.E., Nolan, M.F., Vari, R.C. Patient-Centered Learning Curricula: Evaluating the Impact of the Friday Wrap-Up on Student Conceptualization of Patient Psychosocial Characteristics.” Medical Science Educator (2016): 1-4.
  • Dumenco, L., Engle, D. L., Goodell, K., Nagler, A., Ovitsh, R. K., & Whicker, S. A. Expanding Group Peer Review: A Proposal for Medical Education Scholarship. Academic Medicine (2016).
  • Raetz, J., Unwin, Brian K. Attitudes and barriers encountered in training family medicine residents in nursing home care: A national survey of program directors. Family Medicine. In Press.


  • It’s Not About the Lecture, It’s About the Learning! (David W. Musick, Richard C. Vari, Cynda A. Johnson) Dean’s Forum on Hot Topics and Challenges in Medical Education, Roanoke VA, September 1, 2016.
  • Care Coordination for Super Utilizers (James E. Thompson) I3 Value Academic Collaborative Conference, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, September 16, 2016.

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