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  • Dr. Tracy Criss, presents a poster on "Stressors and Coping Mechanisms of Medical Students" on behalf of Tracy Criss, MD, Elizabeth Pline, LMSW, David Musick, PhD, Mariah Rudd, BS, and Aubrey Knight, MD at the April/2017 SGEA Conference.

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Faculty Highlight –Celebrate Dr. Bruce Johnson!

For some, the prospect of retirement means Jimmy Buffet concerts, beach chairs, and big drinks with little umbrellas. However, for VTCSOM’s Dr. Bruce Johnson, retirement looks a little different. While Dr. Johnson will be retiring from his role as Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, he will be using this opportunity of more hours in the day to claim more clinical and medical school responsibilities.

The extensive and accomplished professional life of Bruce Johnson, M.D. began at Kansas University following the completion of his Internal Medicine fellowship. It was not a conscious decision for Dr. Johnson to remain at an academic medical center after fellowship, but rather something that his time as a resident and fellow in a teaching setting had unknowingly prepared him for. The allure of teaching drew Dr. Johnson into becoming faculty at Kansas University. There he immersed himself into the teaching of residents on inpatient teams and attending resident clinic. At the time, there was no formal training available helping physicians in their role as teachers so Dr. Johnson looked to his experience with previous teachers to draw his inspiration. After a brief break from academia, assisting his father at his private practice in California, Dr. Johnson joined the faculty at the University of Iowa. There he was exposed to formal teaching education activities and developed a program for Internal Medicine fellows interested in faculty positions. After a move to East Carolina University, Dr. Johnson helped continued providing assistance developing the teaching skills of fellows who anticipated becoming faculty by helping to build on an existing program.

Dr. Johnson holds diverse interests in many aspects of education. For medical students, he is devoted to providing formal, attainable objectives to help guide their learning. When teaching residents in the clinical setting, Dr. Johnson utilizes the 1-minute preceptor rule to enhance their learning experience.

When asked what he most enjoys about teaching students and/or residents, Dr. Johnson responds simply “teaching” with a large smile and heartfelt laugh. He shares that over the years he has improved his teaching skills, providing better lectures and better clinical experiences with the help of his mentors and colleagues. Dr. Johnson has been actively engaged in curricular development throughout his career. Beginning at Kansas University, Dr. Johnson collaborated with the Family Practice Clerkship Director to create an innovative ambulatory and community clerkship that merged Internal Medicine and Family Medicine clerkships in order to provide enhanced exposure to the ambulatory setting for students. The success of this clerkship, which is still active today, led to a similar effort at the University of Iowa to create a 12-week combined Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Community Medicine clerkship. Again, Dr. Johnson used his successful clerkship model to create unique 6-week clerkships here at VTC and to designate the Internal Medicine clerkship as strictly inpatient experience and have Family Medicine clerkship be presented in the ambulatory setting.

The advice Dr. Johnson has for new faculty in their teaching role is to take advantage of the available professional development offerings through TEACH and OCPD. “Teaching skills are rarely found in the curriculum of our medical schools, residencies or fellowships,” shares Dr. Johnson, “so new faculty shouldn’t be discouraged that they’ve never been taught.” He continues to elaborate sharing that faculty have to recognize the new role they are taking as a teacher, which has its own set of objectives and skills. This unique field of study will also require commitment and a need for skills to be constantly improved. In the same way that physicians must improve their skills as clinicians, Dr. Johnson believes they also need to do the same for their role as educators. To help promote the importance of teaching to VTC faculty, a requirement for 2 hours of faculty development towards teaching is required for their Maintenance of Appointment and they have deliberately included the language “appointment to teach” within the faculty handbook.

We will continue to see Dr. Johnson keeping busy within the medical school as he will be active in the clinical skills courses, Domain Day and Internal Medicine clerkship. Additionally, he will be expanding his own time spent practicing clinically. We will also continue to see as he remains active within TEACH. With the exception of a 2 week trip along the Trans-Siberian Railway, Dr. Johnson will be as busy as ever shaping the educational and clinical growth of our learners.

Congratulations to Dr. Bruce Johnson as he hangs up his VTC Faculty Affairs hat. The impacts of his passion, devotion and innovation will continue to be seen at VTC for many years to come.


TEACH Member Scholarly Activity for January through March 2017

State, Regional and National Presentations:

  • Polk, E. L. Adding a Lifestyle Medicine Curriculum to the Family Medicine Clerkship – Challenges and Rewards. [Oral Presentation] presented at: STFM Annual Conference on Medical Student Education, Society of Teacher of Family Medicine; February 11 – February 11, 2017; Anaheim, CA.
  • Polk, E. L. The Effects of Implementing a Lifestyle Medicine Curriculum on Medical Student Attitudes towards Obesity, Confidence in Providing Lifestyle Behavior-Related Counseling to Patients, and Own Health Behaviors. [Oral Presentation] presented at: STFM Annual Conference on Medical Student Education, Society for Teachers of Family Medicine; February 11 – February 11, 2017; Anaheim, CA.
  • Musick, D. W. Annual ACGME Resident Surveys: Why They Matter and How I Can Have an Impact as a Resident Physician. [Oral Presentation] presented at: Department of Psychiatry Resident Didactic Session, Carilion Clinic February 6, 2017; Roanoke, VA.
  • Fortuna, T. J., Musick, D. W. Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks: Maintaining the Clinical Competency of Faculty. [Oral Presentation] presented at: 17th Annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH 2017), Society for Simulation in Healthcare January 30, 2017; Orlando, FL.
  • Page-Ramsey, S., Graziano, S., Robinson, R., Murchison, A. B. A Magical Innovation: Development, Implementation and Results from the CREOG and APGO Joint “Step Up to Residency” Program. [Oral Presentation] presented at: CREOG/ APGO Annual Meeting, Council Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology March 10, 2017; Orlando,
  • Johnson, I. M., Murchison, A. B. Works Like Magic: Improving Resident Evaluations Through an Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA) Based Evaluation System. [Oral Presentation] presented at: CREOG/ APGO Annual Meeting, Council Residency Education Obstetrics and Gynecology March 9, 2017; Orlando, FL.


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Abstracts and Posters:

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