Scholarship Resources

  • HAPI Free Trial until 12/31/17

    The library is considering purchasing the Health and Psycho-social Instruments (HAPI) for VTCSOM faculty and students.  You can use this bibliographic database for:

    • Discovering the context in which a specific instrument was used
    • Discovering contact information in order to request access to a specific instrument — many instruments are proprietary and require payment for use based on the number of study participants
    • Contains 190,000 bibliographic records covering more than 80 unique behavior measurement tools and instruments.
    • Some records contain sample questions or items as well as information on reliability and validity.
    • It DOES NOT provide access to the actual instruments (survey, questionnaire, vignettes/scenarios, rating scales, etc.)

You may access this free trial by clicking here.  Your feedback would be welcome by emailing Rita McCandless at of the Carilion Clinic Health Sciences Library.