TEACH Education Journal Club

TEACH Journal Club began meeting in early 2016. We invite all TEACH membership levels throughout Carilion, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, and Jefferson College of Health Sciences to join and participate in the journal club. Planning committee members include: Ms. Mariah Rudd, (Chair),  Dr. David Musick, Dr. William Rea,  and Dr. Shari Whicker.

The club will meet 6 times annually and will be limited to 15 participants per club. The objectives of the Journal Club are:

  • Develop quality improvement strategies to critique and keep up-to-date with relevant health education literature
  • Share current knowledge and translate into evidence-based practice of health education
  • Provide opportunities for scholars to have a discussion on current changes in the health education field.

Below are the Education Journal Club articles from past meetings and future assignments:

December 12, 2017 at noon in the CRMH ED Administrative Conference Room with facilitator Frank Dane, PhD, Chair of Arts and Sciences, Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Article: Mindsets That Promote Resilience:  When Students Believe That Personal Characteristics Can Be Developed

September 21, 2017 with facilitator David Musick, PhD, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, VTCSOM
Article: Repeated Testing Improves Long-term Retention Relative to Repeated Study:  A Randomized Controlled Trial

June 14, 2017 with facilitator Emily Holt, MA, Director of Academic Counseling and Enrichment Services VTCSOM
Article:  The Cognitive Science of Learning:  Concepts and Strategies for the Educator and Learner.

April 25, 2017  with facilitator Chad DeMott, MD, Internal Medicine, Carilion Clinic, and Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, VTCSOM
Article:  Heutagogic Approach to Developing Capable Learners

February 23, 2017 with facilitator Brock Mutcheson, MA, PhD, Director of Assessment and Program Evaluation at VTCSOM.
Article:  Relationships between Preclinical Course Grades and Standardized Exam Performance

December 6, 2016 with facilitator Dr. Wilton Kennedy, III, Director Clinical Education Jefferson College of Health Sciences.
Article: Viewing “Strugglers” Through a Different Lens: How a Self-Regulated Learning Perspective Can Help Medical Educators with Assessment and Remediation

October 24, 2016 with facilitator Ms. Mariah Rudd, Education and Faculty Development Manager, Office of Continuing Professional Development, Carilion Clinic and VTCSOM.
Article: Quantitative Study of the Characteristics of Effective Internal Medicine Noon Conference Presentations   

August 30, 2016 with facilitator Dr. Helena Carvalho, Block Director II and VI, Biomedical Science Department Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.
Article:  Comparison of faculty and students on Active Learning

June 29, 2016 with facilitator Dr. Joanne Greenawald, Assistant Professor, Interprofessionalism, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.
Article:  Enhancing students’ learning in problem based learning: Validation of a self-assessment scale for active learning and critical thinking

April 21, 2016 with facilitator Dr. Shari Whicker, Assistant Professor, Dept of Pediatrics, Associate Director Office of Continuing Professional Development, and Director TEACH Academy.
Article:  A Novel Specialty-Specific, Collaborative Faculty Development Opportunity in Education Research: Program Evaluation at Five Years.

March 7, 2016 with facilitator Dr. David Musick, Associate Dean of Faculty Development VTCSOM and Director of Office of Continuing Professional Development.
Article:  Murdoch-Eaton D et al. Maturational differences in undergraduate medical students’ perceptions about feedback. Med Ed. 2012: 46: 711-721.

For more information contact: Sandra DeHart at sflong@carilionclinic.org or (540) 224-5448.