So, What Are You Going to Do with That?- Lauren Kennedy- PhD Student in TBMH

So, What Are You Going to Do with That?

(Book by Susan Basalla and Maggie Debelius)

    The contents of this book are geared towards past, present, and future graduate students who wish to enter careers outside of academia. Examples used and advice given throughout are intended to reach a broad audience of professionals within any field of study. Overall, I found it to be quite helpful in addressing alternative careers for those with advanced degrees outside of academia, in a broad sense. Since the authors did not focus specifically on scientific degrees and careers, though, some of the content seemed a bit irrelevant, but was still at least thought-provoking. Around page 100, the focus shifted from personal anecdotes and success stories throughout an array of fields towards transforming a C.V. into a resume for any career outside of academia. This is where I found myself taking the most notes and learning the most. Also in the latter half of the book, the authors provide interactive exercises for readers to do on their own. While this may initially seem elementary, they will likely prove to be beneficial and worthwhile to many students coming from varied backgrounds.

(Review by Lauren Kennedy- PhD Student in TBMH)